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Wydawnictwo White Wolf zamieściło na swojej stronie zapowiedź nadchodzącego dodatku do systemu Werewolf: The Forsaken. Po więcej informacji związanych z "Tribes of the Moon" zapraszam do rozszerzenia newsa.

Za White Wolfe:

The Changing Tribe

Being an Iron Master can mean a lot of different things, but some things are the same the world over. Werewolves who come into the tribe do so in the same way whether they’re in St. Petersburg or Laos, and once they’re in, they must contend with bonds of tradition and expectation that hold tighter than local concerns.


Some people think that the Iron Masters don’t need to recruit. Any werewolf who can’t or won’t leave his human life behind joins up; who needs recruiters?

Those people are wrong.

Werewolves who can’t leave their old lives behind or who otherwise can’t get with the program are Ghost Wolves. The Farsil Luhal are members of one of the Tribes of the Moon. An Iron Master may live among people, but he is never really one of them. He’s got a sacred duty to hunt down things that would shatter human minds, dealing with these entities because only he can. He accepts that he must put his past life behind him. That old life is gone. It takes a special kind of mind to live as a contradiction, too human for other werewolves and too alien for humans. Only Iron Masters have the agile minds necessary to ride that knife-edge without falling one way or the other - the exemplars being the Lodge of the Hidden Hunt.

Some Farsil Luhal remain close to their past lives. A father lives on the streets, protecting his family’s neighborhood from capricious spirits and rampaging shartha. Though he looks through the window at his wife and children, they think he’s dead. It’s the only way to keep them safe. A woman refuses to leave her partner when she learns the horrible truth of the world, but she must accept that her relationship will change forever. Between the great dangers facing the Forsaken and the Rage burning in the new werewolf’s heart, things will take a turn for the worse.

If a newly Changed werewolf wants to join the Iron Masters, she has to demonstrate that she can think on her feet. Sometimes, one of Red Wolf’s tribe will have singled her out before she even knows it. Other times, she proves that she should be a member of the tribe before anyone else can decide. Observers are always on the lookout for werewolves who just don’t do what they’re told. They mark those who question the world - especially those who question the veracity of Father Wolf’s story. Some reject what they’ve learned without question or just accept it, and the Iron Master moves on. Others think around it. A new Farsil Luhal is likely to have a syncretic understanding of the time before the Sundering that combines her pre-existing worldview with the animistic world. A Christian werewolf may see Father Wolf as an animistic lupine Christ-analogue, an emissary of a higher power who gave his life so that the world could change. A psychologist may see the whole spirit world as a manifestation of the planetary unconscious. Atheists and sociologists both recognize tales of the time around the Sundering as a set of instructions encoded into stories. As a tribe, the Iron Masters have the greatest number of werewolves with divergent opinions of the Father Wolf story.

New Rites

The following sample rite exemplifies the rituals and mindset of the Iron Masters. The spirits that lent their power to these rituals are under a ban to teach them only to Farsil Luhal, and those Iron Masters who know these rites have sworn to keep them as tribal secrets.

Mark of Change (••)

Many Iron Masters decorate their bodies, changing the forms that they have worn since birth. For some, outlandish hairstyles are enough, others prefer tattoos or piercings and yet others go for branding, scarification or implants. A changed body indicates a changed mind, and some werewolves use this rite to channel spirit magics into their body modifications.

Rumor has that this rite comes from Mother Luna herself, but others speak of a darker source. Whatever the source, body modifications empowered by this rite give a werewolf the edge when using serving her auspice. Rather than bootstrapping a novice, a Mark of Change offers the most benefit to an Uratha who is aware of his role under the moon and wishes to become even more effective. An Iron Master Elodoth will often take a Mark before investigating a major event.

Performing the Rite: The ritualist intones words of binding in the First Tongue, commanding minor spirits into his tools. He also prepares a balm of honey, witch-hazel and night-blooming plants. The recipient of the Mark purifies herself by washing in cold running water before the ritualist starts the process.

Once the modification is complete, the recipient must mix some of the balm into a cup of wine, then drink the cup dry, before applying the balm to her Mark. She must keep the Mark covered for at least six hours, after which she reveals it to the world and reaps its benefit.

Dice Pool: Harmony
Action: Extended (10 successes required; every roll represents 20 minutes)

Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The Mark is a twisted reflection of what it should be. The recipient takes a point of lethal damage.
Failure: The modification is not imbued with spiritual power.
Success: The character’s body modification is empowered by spirits. She may apply the 9-again quality to any auspice Skill roll, and once a day may spend Essence to increase an auspice Skill, gaining one dot of skill per point of Essence. These added dots apply only to one die roll. The magics accompanying the modification last for a month before dissipating.
Exceptional Success: The body modification is a work of art. The recipient and the ritualist both regain one point of Willpower.

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